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Hello and Welcome to my online home.

My full name is Andrea Fuenzalida, am an international fine artist living and working in San Fransisco, CA. Skilled in both traditional and digital arts, I sell my own creations, do art commissions and freelance custom graphics services. Also all my promotional graphics and websites are made by me.

I like to create art that is meaningful and enjoyable to look at.

For graphics clients interested in my work, feel free to check out my online portfolio with some examples of work done for clients.

Check out my one of a kind, hand sewn Voodoo Kittys.

The Original Voodoo Kitty !Voodoo Kitty

Voodoo Kitty can be purchased in person at "The African Outlet"
4942 Third Street, San Francisco, CA



My art store is now updated with quite a few new paintings for sale.

In Bubbles

All current art shows are now on hold till further notice as we are now confined in our bubbles.

Stay tunned fior regular updates:


Had a blast sharing my art at How Weird Street Fare 2019
Art Alley and Reggae Zone.

2020's How Weird Street Faire was scheduled for May 3rd. Due to current global pandemic the street faire was prosponed. So for now they had a massive virtual world faire instead!


How Weird 2019


The 43rd Annual Haight Ashbury Street Fair scheduled fior June 14th has also been prosponed. This was planned to be my fourth year organizing their Art Walk Fundraiser Booth an opportunity for local artists to have a space to show and sell their work at the fair and support the fair at the same time. Am looking forward to getting back to business in the meantime you can stay updated, help, support and ensure the future of the Haight Street Fair at http://www.haightashburystreetfair.org/


2018 I won the Haight Ashbury Street Fair Poster contest! The posters can be purchased from the official Haight Ashbury Street Fair website: http://www.haightashburystreetfair.org/store

2018 Haight Ashbur




Over the last couple of years I have worked on the art of making hand painted signs. A-Frames are a favorite!
So far most of my clients have been restaurants.
Click Here to check some of them out!

Friends With Benedicts A-frame





This web-site is entirely owned and built by Andrea Fuenzalida. All artwork and graphic elements were created by Andrea Fuenzalida (Drea) © 1979-2020.
(Exception for social networking company logos and client owned images for sample work and link shares)